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Message from the Director

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  • from the cradle to the grave. we will make the library like a lifelong friend
  • Welcome to the homepage of the Busan Metropolitan Simin Municipal Library that has the scent of books, the scent of people, and the scent of culture.

    We have got along with the city of Busan for one hundred years.
    During that period, we have stood many trials of Japanese imperialism, liberation and the Korean war
    and we've gone through a myriad of joys and sorrows.

    The 21C is the century of variety, accuracy, and rapidity.
    Our life is changing with a great amount of information, ultra speed, internationalization.
    Library is part of our life. It is the barometer of culture of a nation.
    It also provides you with information and knowledge as a lifelong education Institution.

    So, our library must take the lead in this great movement.

    Thank you !